Leadership Enablers: Establishing New Leader Model to Nurture Talent

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Leadership Enablers: Establishing New Leader Model to Nurture Talent
P3 Leader Model (PRNewsFoto/Right Management)

With the demand of leadership, it is time for organisations to focus on development of new leadership model that seeks to establish meaningful outcomes for future-proof businesses.

ManpowerGroup Right Management’s new report Most Likely to Lead provides organizations with a new Leader Model to identify, develop, and scorecard the leaders of tomorrow. The report comes at a critical time for employers: 87% do not believe they have the future leaders needed to fill critical roles.

Existing methods of identifying and developing leaders are failing, creating a gap between traditional ideas of leadership effectiveness and what it actually takes to drive sustained business performance. Right Management’s P3 Leader Model (People: Purpose: Performance) has been specifically designed to respond to today’s uncertain and dynamic world of work.

“In many organizations we still see future leaders selected on gut-feel, contacts, time in the job or simply right-place, right-time. It’s clear this model isn’t working,” said Mara Swan, ManpowerGroup Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent & Global Brand Lead for Right Management.

It’s not all nature though: the report identifies a set of highly focused, coachable leadership capabilities that will improve an organization’s ability to compete and win. These include the ability to manage, develop and inspire talent; to accelerate performance by building winning teams and a flexible infrastructure, and daring to lead so that leaders challenge the status quo and seize opportunity.

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The report also redefines leadership, measuring a leader’s impact on talent-focused outcomes as well as traditional business performance metrics.

Swan continues: “Our P3 Leader Model focuses on assessing and turbo-charging inherent leadership enablers, those traits that either you have or you don’t.  It puts the individual’s leadership DNA under the microscope to find out how they are hot-wired, so we can develop capabilities aligned to specific and measureable business-driven outcomes.”

Drawing on extensive research, the P3 Leader Model assesses for the following enablers:

  1. Brightness – intellectual curiosity and a strong appetite for learning
  2. Drive – the hunger, energy or desire to achieve high performance
  3. Adaptability – being comfortable with ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty
  4. Endurance – a high degree of stamina and the ability to remain steadfast

The P3 Leader Model is launched at a time when research shows that 40% of company leaders are unprepared to meet the business issues they will face over the next three to five years, and only 20% of managers identified as high performers successfully advance to higher levels of leadership.

Right Management’s leader model offers the practical coaching and recommendations needed to develop leadership skills and realize maximum business impact with a realistic investment of resources.

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