Labour movement to intensify efforts to help unemployed find jobs of future

November 2, 20161:34 pm239 views
Labour movement to intensify efforts to help unemployed find jobs of future
NTUC assistant secretary-general Patrick Tay speaking to the media after the announcement of the Labour Movement's new initiative to help the unemployed. (Photo: Calvin Hui)

From January 2017, Singapore’s labour movement will kickstart a new initiative to help the unemployed find jobs, it said on Tuesday (Nov 1).

The initiative will involve the development and rollout of skills and training courses that are specially focused on helping Singaporeans take on the jobs of tomorrow, said National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) assistant secretary-general Patrick Tay.

It will aim to complement existing efforts by the Government to equip people with the necessary abilities to fill these positions.

Tapping on its extensive network with companies and Government agencies, NTUC will gather data from the ground on emerging job opportunities. It will then analyse the data to gain an understanding of the kind of skills and training needed for Singaporeans to take advantage of these opportunities, he said.

This will shape the development of targeted courses to help workers take on future jobs.

“There are two key groups. Firstly, we know the professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) are more vulnerable. We know from labour market figures that out of the many retrenched, about 70, 71 per cent are PMETs, so that’s one group to help. But over and above that, we also are looking at sectors where job obsolescence and job losses are happening at a more rapid rate, as well as disruption affecting those sectors,” said Assistant Secretary-General of NTUC Patrick Tay.

A newly set up Future Jobs, Skills and Training Department within the labour movement will be the nerve centre of this initiative. Mr Tay heads this department, which will look three years into the future to suss out emerging opportunities in the job market across various sectors, and tailor courses that can assist the unemployed to be workers for new positions.

Sectors that the labour movement will focus on first include healthcare, education, financial services and precision engineering.

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