Labour movement backs veteran union leader for NMP post

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Labour movement backs veteran union leader for NMP post
Labour movement backs veteran union leader for NMP post

SINGAPORE: The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) has proposed that veteran union leader K Karthikeyan be considered for a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) post.

The 54-year-old is a vice-president of the NTUC Central Committee and general secretary of the United Workers of Petroleum Industry.

He formed the Singapore Petrochemical Complex Employees’ Union in 1986 and has been a union leader since.

In a statement, NTUC said Mr Karthikeyan has served his members with dedication and care, paying particular attention to their welfare and rights, workplace safety and health, and skills upgrading needs.

He has also built good rapport and working relationships with the tripartite partners through his various representations on tripartite committees and statutory boards, the statement added.

On NTUC’s nomination, Mr Karthikeyan said: “I am humbled to be given a chance to be nominated as an NMP.

“If appointed, this will be an invaluable opportunity to raise issues concerning workers directly to the policy makers so as to help build an even more inclusive and caring society.

“The issues include closing the income gap, upskilling and training of workers, enhancing workplace safety, re-employment of mature workers, and care and support for the disabled.”

Channel NewsAsia understands that the managing director of the Jaygee Melwani Group, Mr R Dhinakaran, has indicated he is seeking a second term as a Nominated MP.

The Special Select Committee of Parliament will consider proposals submitted by the public and may nominate up to nine people for appointment by the President as NMPs.



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