KellyOCG® and Human Capital Institute® Partner for Courses in Strategic Workforce Planning

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The world of work is an increasingly complex place to navigate today. Issues such as economic uncertainties and demographic shifts are making it more and more difficult to manage talent conventionally.

To help business leaders better manage the changing workforce, KellyOCG®, the outsourcing and consulting group of Kelly Services, in partnership with the Human Capital Institute® (HCI), is offering Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) courses. These courses go beyond traditional manpower planning to provide a qualitative decision framework that ensures businesses have the right talent in place when needed.

“Strategic workforce planning expertise is an important competency for all business leaders today,” said Susan DeFazio, practice lead for KellyOCG’s Advisory Services Group. “A workforce strategy that is agile enough to evolve with the business strategy leads to positive results on the bottom line.”

Singapore is our top choice in Asia for this course to be conducted because businesses in Singapore already appreciate the value of having a robust workforce strategy that directly impacts business operations and their bottom line.

“Through the course, participants will experience first-hand the benefits of strategic workshop planning through hands-on and interactive modules, practice what they understand in theory and gain the confidence to execute these plans in their own organisations,” said Natalia Shuman, Senior Vice President, General Manager for Kelly Services APAC and Europe.

“The course provides valuable insights into the methodology of strategic workforce planning,” said Sally Dillon, Head of MI and Performance for Aviva in the UK. “The role-playing case study examples were quite helpful. Even more beneficial was creating a network of peers in a variety of organizations who are all on the same development path so we could keep the learning and sharing going after the course.”

Courses will be offered in the following locations on the following dates:

  • August 10 – 11 Singapore
  • August 16 – 17 Sydney
  • September 7 – 8 Canberra
  • September 28 – 29 London
  • October 12 – 13 Zurich
  • October 19 – 20 Melbourne
  • November 2 – 3 Singapore
  • November 8 – 9 Sydney
  • December 7 – 8 London

Each SWP course consists of pre-work, a two-day class, an exam, and a post-course exercise that establishes a baseline and lays the foundation for a strategic workforce plan. The course is highly interactive and provides a synthesis of best and next practices, current research, and comprehensive models to guide step-by-step workforce planning activities.

Click here for registration information for courses in Europe and Singapore. Registration for Australia locations can be found here. Attendees will receive HCI’s SWP certification at the completion of the course.

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