Job recruiters might come knocking in June, not August: Keidanren

October 26, 20157:15 am324 views

Keidanren might let member firms start recruiting university prospects in June rather than August, allowing them to target students set to graduate in spring 2017, informed sources said Sunday.

The proposal comes after the nation’s largest business lobby, also known as the Japan Business Federation, pushed back the start of the nation’s annual recruitment blitz to August from April this year, under government pressure.

The lobby might finalize its decision as early as next month, the sources said.

This change was intended to give students enough time to study but drew complaints from small companies who said they were left shorthanded after customarily waiting for the major companies to take their fill.

In addition, some firms pressured students to stop job-hunting in exchange for job offers.

The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, whose members include many small firms, has thus asked Keidanren to bring the start of the annual recruitment blitz back forward to June.

There is a proposal within Keidanren to ignore the government and revert to the traditional April launch date. But the majority view is that a four-month shift would disrupt firms already preparing under the current rules, the sources said.

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