Japan to Allow Ukrainian Refugees to Work in the Country

March 15, 20222:55 pm920 views
Japan to Allow Ukrainian Refugees to Work in the Country
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Amidst the heightening conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Japan is willing to accept Ukrainian refugees fleeing from the invasion. Not only that, these refugees will be able to get resident status allowing them to work in the Asian country, said Justice Minister Yoshihisa Furukawa.

Ukrainian evacuees entering Japan with a 90-day short-stay visa can switch to “designated activities” status, which allows them to work for up to one year, if they wish, Furukawa said. The designated activities status can be renewed, the minister added.

Between March 2, when Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced this decision, and Sunday (Mar 13), a total of 47 Ukrainians have come to Japan, Nippon.com reports.

All of them entered Japan with the short-stay visa. Later on, they will be able to register themselves as residents of Japan and receive public services, such as accession to the country’s health insurance programs, if they change their visa status to designated activities.

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