Japan Reopens Borders and Welcomes Business Travelers from Nov 8

November 8, 20214:25 pm768 views
Japan Reopens Borders and Welcomes Business Travelers from Nov 8
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Japan is making its first step of reopening the country’s borders by welcoming business travelers.

In an official statement on Friday (Nov 5), the govt said that this will be put into effect on Monday (Nov 8). The phased easing was confirmed last week, but fell short of demands from business lobbies for rules more closely aligned with those of major trading partners. 

According to the government, they will also shorten COVID-19 quarantine periods for inbound business travelers from 10 days to three, if these travelers have proof of vaccination. Students and trainee workers with valid visas will also be allowed in, Reuters reports.

No mention was made of tourists, or of media reports that the daily limits on the numbers of border entrants would be raised to 5,000 people later this month from 3,500.

Japan currently requires a 10-day quarantine for travelers, regardless of vaccination status. That time was shortened from 14 days last month.

Domestic and foreign business groups in Japan have lobbied the government to ease border restrictions to be more in line with other countries. The United States and European Union allow entry to travellers from most countries as long as they have proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

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