Japan Govt Reveals Name and Shame Border Rule-Breakers

August 3, 20213:15 pm1355 views
Japan Govt Reveals Name and Shame Border Rule-Breakers
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Most countries globally are closing their borders, at least partially, in order to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). For the time being, Japan is adopting border enforcement measures that limit permission to enter the country and arrange quarantine measures upon traveler’s arrival.

To show that it’s not taking the matter lightly, Japan has carried out a threat to publicly shame people not complying with coronavirus border control measures. The authorities are releasing the names of three people who broke quarantine rules after returning from overseas, Reuters reports.

On Monday, the health ministry said that the three Japanese nationals named had clearly acted to avoid contact with authorities after recently returning from abroad. The announcement, the first of its kind, sparked a flurry of speculation among Twitter users about the details of those identified, such as their jobs and locations.

Japan is asking all travelers from overseas, including its own citizens, to self-quarantine for two weeks, during which they are asked to use a location-tracking smartphone app and report on their health condition.

Further details on the country’s border enforcement measures can be found here.

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