It’s Time to clean up! Dirtiest Meeting Rooms Globally Revealed

January 21, 201611:32 am768 views
It’s Time to clean up! Dirtiest Meeting Rooms Globally Revealed
Source: Regus 2015

Shabby meeting rooms could prove to be the weakest link. According to a global survey by flexible workplace provider Regus, it revealed business people’s biggest grievances when it comes to meeting rooms.

The survey canvassed the opinions of more than 44,000 respondents from 100 countries, including 349 business professionals in Hong Kong. It highlighted how meeting rooms are often an office’s “weakest link”, sometimes looking shabby and dirty to visiting customers.

Respondents were understandably fussy about their working locations. They report that the main issue with shabby and dirty meeting room spaces is the negative impression they give to clients and potential customers.

Almost a third of global workers (29%) complain that their meeting rooms look shabby to customers and the rate of complaints is much higher in Hong Kong, with 36% of respondents agreeing on it. Some 39% of Hong Kong workers (36% globally) blame their none-too-tidy colleagues who leave the rooms filthy and stacked with dirty cutlery and cups from the previous meeting.

For SMEs, and start-ups in particular, being able to make a good impression can be critical to punching above their weight and attracting new business. The onus is therefore on businesses to either revamp their facilities or to look for alternative solutions so that staff does not feel let down.

Here are some key findings revealed in the research:

  • More than a third of respondents in Hong Kong (32%) blame the projector or other meeting room facilities that are unreliable, while global average is 27%.
  • 36% of Hong Kong workers also said that the meeting rooms are often uncomfortably hot or cold. The global average is 34%.
  • 38% of Hong Kong respondents complain their meeting rooms are too small compared to 35% of global workers.

“In highly competitive business environments first impressions can often make a real difference. It is therefore no surprise that more than a third of global business people are worried about the state of their meeting room spaces, and are often embarrassed by dirtiness or a lack of maintenance and care,” said John Wright, Chief Executive Officer of Regus Asia-Pacific.

“Too many businesses underestimate the importance of conducting meetings from a professional, smart and clean environment. A home office or a meeting room littered with left over cutlery just isn’t up to scratch. Successful businesses, whether small or large, operate to a high standard at all times, and when it comes to meeting rooms this is no different. As well as being private and secure, meeting rooms must offer a professional image. If this environment is not always available within the main office, businesses urgently need to look into alternative meeting locations.” Wright added.

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