Initiative to raise support for fairer, more inclusive workplaces launched

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An initiative to raise more support for fair and inclusive workplaces has been launched, the Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) announced on Thursday (Feb 18).

The initiative, named Fair@Work Promise, hopes to call to attention the possibility of unconscious bias in individuals, as well as encourage employees to create a fair and inclusive workplace.

“Every individual has an important role to play in diminishing biased behaviour at work,” said TAFEP.

To do so, employees can head to the Fair@Work microsite, where they write down how they are going to commit to supporting a fair and inclusive workplaces.

The Fair@Work microsite.

Said TAFEP General Manager Roslyn Ten: “This is a personal commitment not to judge others based on stereotypes or biases, and to see them for their abilities. Whether we are an employee or employer, the Fair@Work Promise is the first step to eradicate discrimination.”

So far, employees of several multi-national companies, small and medium enterprises, and tripartite partners – such as the Manpower Ministry, the National Trades Union Congress, Starbucks and OCBC Bank – have made a “promise” on the microsite.

TAFEP said that it will also be trying to get more employers on board, as well as raising public awareness through advertising, road shows and other events.

One such event is the two-day launch taking place on Thursday and Friday. During the event at the Chevron House, individuals who submit their response will receive a Fair@Work Promise pom-pom pin, which TAFEP said is “symbolic of their commitment to create a fair and inclusive workplace”.

“We hope to see more and more people make their personal commitment to be fair and inclusive so that together, we can make a positive difference,” said Ms Ten.

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