Infocomm industry must look beyond traditional sources of manpower: Yaacob

March 7, 201610:33 am399 views

The infocomm industry needs to fill as many as 30,000 new positions by 2020. The Government will also introduce new programmes in April to help the industry, said Communications and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim on Friday (Mar 4).

Speaking at the IT Leaders Awards 2016, organised by the Singapore Computer Society, Dr Yaacob said the island’s 150,000-strong infocomm workforce must continue to master new skills and sharpen competencies, if they are to stay relevant in the fast-changing industry.

He also said the infocomm talent pool can be grown through skills conversion and upgrading, and that companies must look beyond the traditional sources of manpower.

Dr Yaacob said: “Companies need to be ready to make the change. This business is ultimately powered by talent, and there is a need for companies to review their HR (human resources) to meet the needs for the future.

“For example, some companies today still want to recruit only university graduates. We know from assessments that our polytechnic graduates can hold their own against university graduates when they are judged by competencies, not qualifications. Companies who ignore this will miss out on a well-qualified pool of talent.”

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