Hong Kong Companies Plan to Hire Savvy Digital Customer Experience Managers in Q1 2017

January 18, 20175:45 pm314 views

Hong Kong companies are looking to hire savvy digital customer experience managers this quarter to create data-led strategies to increase market share and profits, according to recruiting experts Hays.

The latest Hays Quarterly Report reveals many companies want to bring on digital marketing talent during the January to March quarter to craft and lead highly targeted campaigns, to win new customers this year while extracting greater value from existing customers.

“Last year we saw many companies in Hong Kong across a number of sectors make significant investments in digital technology and customer data management systems and software,” explains Dean Stallard, Regional Director for Hays in Hong Kong.

“Our research shows that many of those companies are now looking to bring on the right talent to ensure a return on investment,” says Dean.

Successful candidates should not only be well-versed in all aspects of digital marketing and data analytics but they must also be able to harness these technologies to put forward fresh ideas to create new customer experiences and marketing strategies that result in increased revenue.

To win market share, companies know they must develop unique and targeted marketing campaigns based on quality data, which means having the right talent on board to mine that data effectively.

Not surprisingly, the Hays Quarterly Report shows data analytics professionals and customer experience strategists are also in high recruitment demand this quarter.

“We expect significant further investment in digital marketing teams throughout the year as the pressure on companies to win and own the customer will be ever increasing but the competition for the best digital marketing candidates is already underway with strong recruitment demand this quarter,” says Dean.

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