Highlanders Without Thai citizenship are Allowed to Work in All Types of Jobs

June 30, 201610:44 am469 views

In a shake-up of labour rules, while migrants from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia will be allowed to work only as Language Coordinators, highland people without Thai citizenship would be allowed to work in all types of jobs.

Permanent secretary for labour ML Puntrik Smiti has agreed in principle, Highlanders who still have no Thai citizenship would be allowed to do any kind of job, depending on their knowledge and skills.

The Employment Department will send a draft PM’s Office announcement on the changes to the committee for consideration. The matter then will be forwarded to the cabinet for approval and the Council of State for deliberation.

“A company which has 100 workers can employ one migrant as a language coordinator. However, companies that seek to recruit language coordinators must give priority to Thai applicants first. The migrants would be allowed to apply for jobs only if there are no Thai applicants,” Bangkok Post reports.

This would apply to migrants who have yet to pass a nationality verification process and hold temporary work permits, known as pink cards. As recently, demand for language coordinators has increased. However, jobs with different description such as translators would be strictly for Thais.

According to another report, Myanmar and Thailand plan to restart their boundary demarcation that was delayed during the tenure of former Myanmar government. Diplomatic channel will be sought to hold a Joint Boundary Committee (JBC) meeting in Myanmar on the matter.

A memorandum of understanding on labour cooperation, an agreement on cooperation in the employment of workers and a transboundary agreement was signed during Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi’s three-day visit to Thailand on Saturday.

As regards labour affairs, the two countries have agreed that Certificate of Identity will be issued to migrant workers in Thailand who hold Myanmar provisional passports with less than two-year visa grant and Thai-issued temporary stay permit (TR-38/Pink Card).

After citizenship scrutiny, Myanmar workers will be given ordinary passports to ensure them benefits from socio and health security, while protecting them from any unwarranted loss. One more border gate will be opened in addition to the three existing ones to facilitate migrant workers for cross-border employment.

Some 196 Myanmar refugees in the Thai camps have expressed their desire to return to home towns and a team of government representatives will take the matter of repatriation and resettlement after citizenship scrutiny, the statement said.

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