Highest Paying Jobs for Fresh Grads

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For those of you who are still in job-hunting mode, what do you think would be an ideal first job? Some jobs and companies give the best benefits. Out there, most jobs let you do the legwork and dirty work. The most fulfilling first jobs, on the other hand, are the ones where you can learn the skills you need to grow your career with. However, as a young millennial fresh out of college, admit it, the most attractive jobs are the ones with the highest pay!

According to a report by Jobstreet.com in 2015, companies offer an average salary of P16,700 for fresh graduates. Here are other jobs and specializations with the highest salaries for new grads:

The above infographic illustrates which careers provide the higher-paying jobs in the country. The new report also shows that since 2014, pay grades in these industries have increased by 9%. You can use the infographic above to see the difference between then and now, as illustrated below:

  • IT-related – P22,567 (0.3% increase since 2014)
  • Actuarial/statistics – P21,391 (7.4% increase since 2014)
  • Law/Legal services – P21,132 (0.8% decrease since 2014)
  • Healthcare-related – P20,048 (1.8% increase since 2014)
  • Journalist/editor – P19,808 (12.3% increase since 2014)
  • Training and development – P19,723 (28.4% increase since 2014)
  • Quality control/assurance – P19,337 (19.8% increase since 2014)
  • Public relations/communications – P19,242 (7.7% increase since 2014)
  • Customer service-related – P19,036 (0.2% decrease since 2014)

Banking/financial services appear to have dropped out of the list, replaced by Merchandising. The report also states that while more fresh grads were hired for contact center/BPO posts, more graduates looking for jobs suffer when they focus a little too much on their salaries – effectively putting off potential employers.

Jobstreet Philippines country manager Philip Gioca advised in a separate interview that graduates currently looking for a job may want to highlight other skills beyond their specialization, and to look at salary expectations using data garnered from research.

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