Govt Reviewing Rule to Make WFH Default Arrangement for Singaporean Workers

August 7, 20204:03 pm2157 views
Govt Reviewing Rule to Make WFH Default Arrangement for Singaporean Workers
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Singapore government is currently reviewing whether it should modify its stance on working from home, which is now the default arrangement for all workers unless there is a demonstrable need for them to work at their company’s premises.

Education Minister Lawrence Wong, who co-chairs the ministerial task force handling Singapore’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, said at a press briefing on Thursday (Aug 6) that the Government has heard from both employers and workers that they would like more flexibility on this rule, Today Online reports.

“Some individuals say that while working from home is good, they are more productive if they are able to get back to the workplace, even if there is no need for specialised equipment, and for a whole range of reasons,” he said.

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“Sometimes the home environment is not so conducive and, perhaps, in the workplace when you are together with your colleagues, you can be more productive as well.”

He added: “We are still studying the matter to see if there may be some change or modification to the work-from-home requirement. That’s something we are reviewing.”

But even if the Government were to adjust its stance on this issue, he said that it would still like to see a “high” number of people working from home, as this helps to reduce congestion on public transport and the number of people gathered in the same workplaces, which can be sources of infection.

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