Gov’t agencies seeking 4-day workweek should apply first, CSC says

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Gov’t agencies seeking 4-day workweek should apply first, CSC says
Gov't agencies seeking 4-day workweek should apply first, CSC says
MANILA, Philippines – Government agencies in Metro Manila who want to have a four-day work week should apply first, Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chair Francisco Duque III said during an interview with DZMM.
Duque enumerated CSC’s basis for approving a government agency’s application for a four-day work week.
The agency should be in the National Capital Region, should have frontline services accessible to the public through the Internet, a “one stop shop” and a functional call center to be qualified to apply for a four-day work week.
“Dapat alam, nakahanda ang ahensya sa pagbibigay ng sapat na impormasyon para walang kalituhan sa panig naman ng ating mga kababayan,” Duque said.
There should also be a skeletal workforce in the agency during the first month of implementing the four-day work week schedule. The said force would inform the public on non-working days about the agency’s new work week schedule.
“Hindi naman awtomatiko na pag nag-apply ay aaprubahan ng Civil Service Commission,” Duque said.
The commissioner mentioned the importance the agency baseline data such as employee tardiness rate, employee satisfaction level, employee turnover rate and client satisfaction rating which would be used to evaluate if the new work week schedule is efficient.
The four-day work week scheme will be implemented 15 days after the application of an agency.
The said scheme was proposed to to improve the traffic situation in Metro Manila. Under the new scheme, working days will be reduced, either from from Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday, but working hours will be from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
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