Government looking into raising re-employment age from 65 to 67

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Government looking into raising re-employment age from 65 to 67
Government looking into raising re-employment age from 65 to 67

SINGAPORE: The government is looking into further raising the re-employment age from 65 years old to 67, said Senior Minister of State for Manpower Amy Khor during the debate on the Manpower Ministry’s budget.

The proposals, including the appropriate time-frame for raising the re-employment age, will be announced when ready.

Since the re-employment legislation was introduced in 2012, a government survey has shown that 99 per cent of private sector local employees who turned 62 in June 2013 were offered re-employment, including 67 per cent of retiring employees who were offered re-employment on existing contracts, with no change to their employment terms.

Among those re-employed in the same job in the private sector, 96 per cent did not experience a basic wage cut.

And to enhance lifelong learning, the government is reviewing its Continuing Education and Training Masterplan, which is expected to give greater emphasis to self-initiated upgrading.

Dr Khor said: “As a government, we want to empower all Singaporeans to create value for themselves throughout their lives. This culture of constant and continuous improvement will help us be more responsive, relevant, and resilient. It will enable us to weather future storms and seize the opportunities that come our way, to earn a better wage, in a better job, for a better life.”

In addition, the government will review the issue of legislated parent or eldercare leave as part of broader efforts to address the challenges of an ageing society, said Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Manpower Hawazi Daipi on Friday.

The Work-Life Grant, set up in April 2013 to encourage the adoption of flexible work arrangements by firms, is also being reviewed to see how it can be improved.

The review is expected to be completed and enhancements implemented by mid-2014.

Since introduction, 84 companies and more than 8,000 employees in these organisations have benefited from the Work-Life Grant.

A “Tripartite Advisory on Flexible Work Arrangements” is slated for release in the second half of 2014 to guide employers and employees on how to implement and utilise flexible work arrangements.

Mr Hawazi said: “We encourage employers to offer their employees the necessary benefits and flexibilities, which will enable them to fulfil their family’s commitments. And we believe that in the process, employees will be more engaged, may even be more loyal, and will stay long in the organisation.”



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