Four Medical Clinics Operating Illegally for Factory Job Seekers Shut Down

May 24, 20178:41 am360 views

Four medical clinics adjacent to the Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate were ordered closed on Monday for setting up business without the necessary permits. Officials did not find any doctors working at either of the four clinics – NC, Navapak, J L W Medical and PA – although all of the doctors had certificates confirming their presence, Khlong Luang deputy district chief Sermwit Sombat said.

Only the staff members were serving patients, Bangkok Post reported. The clinics were ordered closed and all staff were taken to Khlong Luang police station on charges of illegally opening clinics and performing medical services without the necessary permits.

Each of these four clinics would face a maximum penalty of a 100,000 baht fine and/or a five-year prison term. Since the clinics were opened near job-recruitment offices, they provide required physical examination for job seekers at the industrial estate.

Workers were charged 350 to 450 baht for confirmation medical letters, stating they were fit for work.

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