Firms benefit from granting eldercare leave

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Firms benefit from granting eldercare leave
Firms benefit from granting eldercare leave

MR FRANCIS Cheng suggested that “employers should be given the flexibility to grant eldercare leave… out of compassion and to maintain good rapport with employees” (“Unrealistic for firms to bear eldercare burden”; Monday).

Can small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) be persuaded to do so voluntarily, given their focus on costs and productivity?

If an employee has to meet a deadline for an urgent project, but needs to take his elderly parent to an urgent medical appointment, would his boss be willing to grant him leave?

That is why the Government should mandate eldercare leave in the private sector.

The Government could support SMEs by reimbursing part of the cost of granting such leave.

A National Trades Union Congress survey last year revealed that a significant number of workers who quit their jobs to become caregivers had not been granted eldercare leave by their former employers (“3 out of 4 caregivers lack eldercare leave: Poll”; Oct 6, 2013).

Hence, mandating eldercare leave would help firms reduce employee turnover, ensuring a steady pool of experienced staff in a tight labour market.



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