Finance Ministry: 950 ex-MAS staff underwent training for new jobs

November 2, 201510:19 am284 views

Of the 2,981 former employees of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) who registered with the Corporate Development Centre (CDC), 950 have completed their training.

The Finance Ministry said 271 former staff had accepted new jobs and 630 chose to start their own business, while 49 others decided to retire.

“Ninety-nine people pulled out of the CDC training without reason, bringing the total number of people remaining in the programme to 1,932,” the Ministry said in a written reply to Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh (BN – Putatan) on the status of the retrenched MAS employees following Khazanah’s restructuring of the troubled airline.

MAS terminated 4,000 employees on Aug 31, 2015 after downsizing the airline to 13,000 workers.

While a majority of the 4,000 employees registered with the CDC, 1,019 had not. MAS has no information regarding the status of their employment.

The CDC offers free placement services and training to employees who left MAS.

It offers profiling talent, career counselling, basic and advanced training, career search skills, entrepreneurship, retirement planning, including placement.

CDC has organised career days and job interviews with more than 70 potential employers offering over 3,000 jobs to former MAS employees.

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