ESSEC Business School Renews its Global MBA Program to Create Influential Leaders

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ESSEC Business School Renews its Global MBA Program to Create Influential Leaders

ESSEC Business School has established a mission to create and transmit cutting-edge knowledge in order to train and develop bold pioneers and influential leaders. True to its tradition of innovation and its pioneering spirit, ESSEC redesigns its Global MBA program to evolve in 2017.

The program will draw upon ESSEC’s areas of academic expertise in order to offer young, open-minded and forward-looking professionals a unique experience that will prepare them to take on the business challenges of tomorrow. It aims to take deeply into account the digital revolutions which are transforming businesses.

In an ever more competitive professional environment, managerial practices are constantly changing and just being business savvy is no longer enough. The impact of the digital revolutions on different sectors will require future leaders to be equipped with not only advanced digital competencies, but also intercultural and cognitive skills combined with the ability to adapt in rapidly changing environments.

To help these students meet the challenges of an increasingly digital future, ESSEC has sought to structure the best of its academic expertise, its educational savoir-faire and its ability to work in partnership with major companies from across the globe into a new, highly intensive MBA program.

Under the academic direction of Professor Aarti Ramaswami (Management Department), this new program aims to consolidate and further enhance what has been the strength and value of the school’s specialized MBAs while also expanding its students’ outlook on new domains, new challenges and new networks.

According to Jean-Michel Blanquer, Dean and President of ESSEC, “The new MBA will prepare our students to be visionary pioneers that are capable of taking on the challenges and technological revolutions of tomorrow. The program will constantly evolve in order to teach students how to anticipate and confront the issues that companies will encounter.”

The Global MBA: A Unique, Flexible and International Program

The ESSEC Global MBA is a one-year MBA program offered on both the Cergy and Singapore campuses. The program is characterized by its unique multidisciplinary approach that examines the core areas of business from a digital perspective.

The international element of the program, which will expose students to very different economic environments and cultural contexts, comes from the diversity of its participants, cross-cultural case studies, study/field trips, an international consulting project and campus exchanges.

Program participants will also have the flexibility to pursue one of the program’s six majors. The first intake is scheduled for September 2017.

“The ESSEC Global MBA s unrivalled in that it holds the human experience at the heart of its structure. Each student will graduate from the program transformed and perfectly positioned on the path towards success”, explains Professors Anne-Claire Pache, Dean of Academic Programs in charge of the MSc in Management (Grande Ecole) and MBAs, and Aarti Ramaswami, Academic Director of the Global MBA.


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