Councillor: Better for Malaysians to work at home

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Councillor: Better for Malaysians to work at home
Councillor: Better for Malaysians to work at home

JOHOR BARU: It is time for locals who are employed in Singapore to consider taking up job opportunities in Malaysia following the recent Causeway toll hike by Malaysia and Singapore’s proposal to match it next month, said Johor human resources and unity executive councillor R. Vidyanathan.

“Malaysians should give serious consideration to working nearer to home, even though a Singapore salary is attractive on account of the exchange rate, which is at a ratio of 1:2.5, he said.

“Social problems including increasing divorce and neglect of family are rampant among those working in Singapore.

“To work in Singapore, you will have to leave home as early as 5am and be back by about 9pm.

“There is hardly time for a worker to spend time with family or see their children grow up,” he told reporters after attending the Johor Red Crescent Society’s commendation presentation to 500 students here yesterday.

At present, over 300,000 Malaysians are employed in various sectors in Singapore.

“We have many sectors in Johor which need workers, especially at Iskandar Malaysia, Pengerang, and in Desaru,” he added.

Vidyanathan said there would be about 20,000 to 50,000 jobs available in Johor in the coming years for skilled workers.


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