Collision 8, a Coworking Space Designed to Foster Innovation in Singapore Officially Opens Its Doors in August

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Collision 8, a Coworking Space Designed to Foster Innovation in Singapore Officially Opens Its Doors in August

Set across 8,600 square feet on the 8th floor of High Street Centre on North Bridge Road, Collision 8 is both a community and a coworking space designed to foster innovation and build collaboration opportunities between its members.

Fourth generation leader of construction conglomerate Woh Hup, Michelle Yong leads Aurum Land, the property development arm of Woh Hup, of which Collision 8 is a subsidiary. She has joined forces with John Tan, serial entrepreneur and partner at two micro VC funds, to help build the innovation ecosystem in Asia Pacific.

Yong says, “The idea behind Collision 8 was to bring two very disparate worlds together – the traditional world where I come from, and the tech world that John inhabits. We believe that each has different but complementary skillsets, resources and perspectives that when combined are amplified into more than just the sum of two parts. We believe in building alliances with experts across different fields to create learning, innovation and business opportunities for all.”

The shared vision for Collision 8 is to offer membership to a community of ambitious innovators and provide top-of-the-line workspaces that inspire, energise and bring ideas to life. Tan says, “We didn’t want just to do another coworking space. We wanted to build a community where likeminded people mingle, share ideas and work together. Collision 8 is a melting pot where ideas collide.”

Catering to entrepreneurs, corporates, institutions and investors, Collision 8 provides the infrastructure and impetus to grow the innovation ecosystem in Singapore. Its founding members include Carousell, Ninja Van, Xfers, HubSpot, Hired, Mulesoft, 8 Capita, Innosight Ventures, JFDI Asia, Deal Street Asia, Next Money, e27, The Innovators Network, Courage Partners and Galen Growth Asia. Membership tiers cater to different needs.

Collision 8’s unique community building programme is spearheaded by Community Manager Ayla Kremb. She says, “We believe that collisions are fundamental to business growth. When people are brought together, and there is an exchange of ideas, the potential for success is exponentially amplified. Building a collective of proactive, creative thinkers and business leaders is what makes Collision 8 a unique community.”

Kremb facilitates these connections through welcome sessions, monthly check-ins and personalised introductions. Collision 8’s customised events are also designed to further cross-industry collaboration. These include masterclass workshops, private dinners, closed door deal flow forums and social gatherings.

Rob Findlay of Asia’s first FinTech community, Next Money, says, “The best innovation comes from a collision of sorts. Collision 8’s brand of Engineered Serendipity brings people together who might not otherwise have met.”

Offering workspace for 178 people across beautifully designed private offices, dedicated desks and hot desks, as well as meeting rooms and event spaces, Collision 8 strikes a balance between a comfortable, elegant working environment, and an energetic setting from which to garner inspiration.

The sweeping views of Marina Bay Sands and Raffles Place set an exhilarating scene for the lounge area. Lead designer Coretta Van Wijk from the award winning design firm Asylum, says, “This interior is a backdrop that inspires you, makes you feel alive and sparks conversation. As you circulate through the space, the views are changing all the time, and that is reflective of how we want people to be inspired.”

The hot desk area in the lounge has a cosy library with glass cabinets amongst the bookshelves to display members’ personal spirits collections, and the adjacent sleek bar opens up for service during event nights. The dedicated work area boasts a burst of greenery with a mini urban aquaponics farm to symbolize growth.

The four meeting rooms each have smart TVs and / or smart projectors, and feature unique design elements such as tropical wallpaper or the signature ‘dots’ which reflect the collision of ideas. Restrooms feature unexpected quirks such as aquariums whilst rotating art works and a custom-painted trompe-l’oeil mural also adds flair and a fresh perspective. Collision 8 will officially open its doors on August 1, 2016.

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