Coca-Cola may cut India jobs as part of global attrition

January 15, 201510:03 am548 views

Beverages major Coca-Cola will dismiss some staffers in India as part of a global cost cutting exercise. The Atlanta-based company is in the process of laying off about 1,800 people worldwide. There are about 250 employees at Coca-Cola India. “As part of The Coca-Cola Company’s recently announced multi-year productivity initiatives, we are redesigning our operating model to streamline and simplify our structure and accelerate the growth of our global business. As we have acknowledged previously, this redesign work will result in impacts to jobs across our global operations, including in India. Since we are still working on the redesign, we do not fully know the impact of this process yet. We have however committed that we will ensure fair, equitable and compassionate treatment of our people throughout this process,” said a Coca-Cola India spokesperson.

“Productivity is an ongoing process at The Coca-Cola Company. We are continuously looking for ways to streamline our business and drive growth, as our business and our operating models evolve. Leveraging efficiency in our supply chain, optimizing travel and administrative expenses, leveraging technological advances to optimize costs etc are steps that we have already taken over the last 18-24 months.”


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