Clubhouse for foreign domestic workers expected to open in April

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Clubhouse for foreign domestic workers expected to open in April
Clubhouse for foreign domestic workers expected to open in April

SINGAPORE: Foreign domestic workers in Singapore will soon have a clubhouse, in which to spend their days off or spare time.

Located at 10 Raeburn Park, the 3,000 sq ft centre is set to open in April.

It will have facilities like a computer lab and library.

It will also organise weekly fitness classes and tours to various attractions in Singapore.

Seah Seng Choon, president of Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (FAST), said: “You notice currently the foreign domestic workers congregate in various places of interest – like Lucky Plaza, Gardens by the Bay, even the Botanic Gardens, sometimes even in the residential areas.

“We want them to go to a place where they can be among themselves, where they will not be disturbing the owners of the building or not be disturbing the residents of the area. They can then enjoy themselves freely without attracting complaints from residents in the area.”

Foreign domestic workers Channel NewsAsia spoke with said they would patronise the clubhouse.

Yati Supiyati said: “I can learn something from the clubhouse. So I’d like to go there.”

Girlre Marie Gorgonio, also a foreign domestic worker, said: “I signed up (to join) the clubhouse because I want to have some place to hang out with my friends or to celebrate birthdays there.”

The clubhouse will be run by FAST. It is the first of its kind in Singapore.

Membership will cost S$4 a year.

The opening of the centre was announced at the first Foreign Domestic Worker Education Fest on Sunday.

The event was attended by some 700 foreign domestic workers, which also showcased various training opportunities aimed at foreign domestic workers.

The association said the more popular courses are in cooking, as well as infant care and eldercare.

But newer courses that are being offered by organisations include traditional Chinese medicine, as well as confinement care courses.



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