Caring awards for healthcare workers

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Caring awards for healthcare workers
Caring awards for healthcare workers

SINGAPORE: Nearly 1,000 healthcare workers received the annual caring awards for their efforts in patient care on Monday.

Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin was present to give out the Eastern Health Alliance Caring Awards.

He said: “The Caring Awards celebrate the people who dedicate their lives to ensuring that Singapore’s healthcare system runs efficiently 24/7.

“Be it a doctor, nurse, therapist, pharmacist, housekeeper or ward clerk, every one of them plays an important role in fulfilling our healthcare needs.

“These workers carry a tremendous responsibility in caring for the sick, and the expertise and compassion they provide is vital in the delivery of care and easing each patient’s experience.”

The awards are categorised into Silver, Gold and Star for staff members.

But this year, a “Superstar” category was included.

It is the highest level of recognition to staff who ensure patients get the best possible care.

Clinching the top award is Senior Staff Nurse Pearly Tan from Changi General Hospital.

She is described to have gone the extra mile to care for patients but she said the road for her doesn’t end here.

“I need to continue to do something that is better for the care and the needs of my patients,” said Ms Tan.

Some patients and caregivers who exemplified resilience and determination to triumph over adversity also received the Caring Awards.

The awards are given to staff, caregivers and patients across Changi General Hospital, Health Promotion Board, St Andrew’s Community Hospital, The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home and SingHealth polyclinics.



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