Businesses seek four times as many employees online after Tet holiday

February 26, 20169:25 am326 views

Employers were looking to fill four times the vacancies on Viet Nam in the week after Tet (Lunar New Year) as in the whole of January, the online jobs company said in a report earlier this week.

In the website’s poll of 350 employers, 75 per cent said most recruitment activities during the year occur in the first two quarters, with 68 per cent saying the peak period is just after Tet.

The skewed situation could lead to much more competitiveness in recruitment, Angie Phang, general manager of Viet Nam, said.

Recruitment costs would also be higher as a result, she said.

In January the sales, marketing, and information and communication technology sectors were the top hirers, with a whopping 29.5 per cent of the jobs on the site pertaining to sales and marketing.

A survey of 2,000 jobseekers last December found that around 68 per cent of employees hoped to find better jobs in the next 12 months since 66 per cent expected the 2016 bonus to grow by less than 3 per cent.

Companies should develop their own talent banks and adjust salaries according to market trends to retain employees, Phang said.

“Employees have changed in the way they select the job. They want to work at honest companies rather than big ones.”

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