Building Next Generation Powerful Leadership across Asia Pacific

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BTI® Consultants, a global leadership consulting firm specialising in board and executive search, talent management, and leadership development, and INSEAD have opened up registrations for the first Global Leadership Programme.

This inaugural leadership development programme is aimed at enhancing leadership capabilities, in an effort to develop next generation leaders across Asia Pacific. Participants will be put through powerful learning and very stressful situations to prepare them to manage intense crisis situations and make solid decisions under time pressures.

Unlike most programmes, the Global Leadership Programme uses a real-time “reality show” format where participants go through the acquisition and running of a troubled company, in a turnaround situation. It will challenge participants by forcing them to confront crisis after crisis, in the form of practical lessons and learnings that are relevant to their development as an effective CEO. The immersive, highly interactive and hands-on programme will built on personal strengths and abilities.

The role-plays will use internal and external role players such as past CEOs and successful entrepreneurs; while professors would deploy Socratic methods of meetings in group sessions to foster critical thinking and use cloud-based dashboards for scheduling and transacting events.Participants will also learn valuable lessons on managing crisis situations, enhancing decision-making qualities and executing better business strategies.

“The course is unique and powerful and will provide invaluable experience. This kind of course doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. It is only offered by INSEAD. The 5-day residential course will train participants on how to perform as the CEO, Production Director, Finance Director, Sales Director, Human Resource Director, as well as a turnaround situation of the company. But most importantly it is a test to see whether or not high potential individuals are equal to the task of top leadership jobs,” says INSEAD’s Global Leadership Programme Director and Professor, Paul Kewene-Hite.

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Anthony Raja Devadoss, BTI Consultants Managing Director and Vice-President, Asia Pacific

Anthony Raja Devadoss, BTI Consultants Managing Director and Vice-President, Asia Pacific

“BTI Consultants has been identifying leaders for organisations for more than 35 years. In the last 3 years, through conversations with leaders, CEOs and board-level management, we found that a common perennial issue faced is the gap in the talent group. As a result we have partnered with INSEAD to offer a model that can create social value and by which we can develop the CEOs of the future,” says Anthony Raja Devadoss, BTI Consultants Managing Director & Vice-President Asia Pacific.

The programme is the result of strong partnership between BTI Consultants and INSEAD — both world leaders in their respective fields. To date, more than 10,000 people from around the world have taken this course at INSEAD since 2004, as it is the capstone module of INSEAD’s MBA and EMBA.

INSEAD is ranked #2 globally for the number of CEOs in the FT500 Companies and has been developing leaders in Asia since the 1970s. It is the only business school outside the US with CEOs of FT500 companies in four continents.

The Global Leadership Programme is slated to take place from 15-19 May 2017 at INSEAD Asia Campus in Singapore. The 5-day course is being offered at SGD 14,000. Group discounts are available for group registrations of 5 participations. A travel and accommodation rebate of SGD 4,000 will also be applied upon completion of programme.

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