BTI® raises the bar on Resilient Leadership Talent Recruitment and Executive Development in APAC

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BTI® raises the bar on Resilient Leadership Talent Recruitment and Executive Development in APAC

BTI Consultants raises the bar on leadership development to accurately identify high-potential leaders and develop resiliency processes for continuous enhanced productivity.

The C-level, board, talent management and leadership development division of Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group (KellyOCG®), BTI® Consultants recently launched an Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence for Talent Management & Leadership Development.

It is the ultimate leadership and management tool that provides exceptional performance and growth from the self-motivated nerve center of each contributor.

BTI Consultants is also collaborating closely with The Forté Institute –a globally recognised communication intelligence solutions provider – to support the evolution of an individual, team or organization by providing more collaborative, quality-focused recruiting processes that balance hiring quality with hiring efficiency, thereby ensuring organisations make good hires every time.

A wrong hire can cost an organization hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars depending on the position and business segment.

According to a study by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), recruiting the wrong person on board could cost up to five times the employee’s annual salary. This does not include intangible costs like lower employee morale, customer dissatisfaction, lost customers, lost sales and the true loss of productivity.

“The costs of poor hiring practices are extremely high, no matter how big or small an organization. As such, accuracy is critical when hiring especially in the current uncertain economic climate. This is where BTI Forté CEO Toolkit comes in,” said Anthony Raja Devadoss, Managing Director, BTI Consultants.

The BTI Forté CEO Toolkit is a lifespan process from candidate profile through to leadership development and 360-degree feedback providing positive, tangible, intelligence that maximizes personal and interpersonal communications style strengths, relationships and productivity over lifetime.

The BTI Forté Suite empowers organizations to recruit and retain the right talent, develop talent to improve their communication and managerial skills, improve individual and team performance, as well as minimize conflict and build resiliency.

The Harvard Business Review points out that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

“Lack of time, rigour and attention to the talent acquisition process has long been the root cause of poor hiring decisions and employees who wash out early on. Recruiting, once seen as a back office function that could easily be outsourced, is becoming a key differentiator in the emerging war for talent. Winning this war requires rethinking key questions around what makes a good recruiting process, great,” Devadoss added.

Boosting LeadershipTalent Recruitment & Development

The ultimate goal of the BTI Forté system is to teach individuals and teams their strengths, how they can become empowered to manage interpersonal performance improvement levels for themselves and their teams.

For HR professionals, the BTI Forté Suite is a time saving, scalable and cost-effective solution that enables quicker and better first time hiring decisions as well as the ability to measure performance and resiliency over an employee’s lifetime. Customised on-boarding strategies also ensure better retention rates for new hires.

The BTI Forté offerings provide, coaches and trainers, more efficient and effective method of coaching individuals to higher levels of performance; while for people leaders and managers, the BTI Forté Suite enables teams to build relationships by understanding, adapting, and balancing individual strengths to achieve common goals.

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