BTI® and INSEAD to Offer Leadership Development Programme for Future CEOs

August 4, 201610:12 am390 views

BTI® Consultants, a global leadership consulting firm specialising in board and executive search, talent management, and leadership development, has partnered with INSEAD – the Business School for the World – to offer a pioneering leadership development programme for Future CEOs.

This programme will be the first of its kind collaboration between both organizations. It is designed as a real-time role-play reality show simulation of the acquisition and running of an established company which will tap into the resources and expertise of past CEOs and successful entrepreneurs.

The leadership development pipeline and succession planning is routinely cited as one of the biggest human capital challenges facing organizations across Asia Pacific. According to Deloitte’s latest edition of its annual survey on human capital trends, 97% of business and HR leaders identified leadership as the most crucial talent issue still troubling the region this year.

“Insights on leadership succession planning consistently indicate that while organisations may be aware that succession planning is a critical component of robust leadership development practices with strategies in place, execution is seriously lacking across companies in Asia Pacific,” says BTI Consultants Managing Director and Vice President – Asia Pacific, Anthony Raja Devadoss.

“Identifying, developing, and retaining next generation high-potential and emerging leaders – those most likely to fill the highest positions – continues to be a mission-critical global challenge for CEOs, senior executives, managers, and HR professionals”, he added.

The Future CEO programme will nurture future leaders in Asia Pacific on CEO leadership, marketing, accounting & finance, strategy, economics, technology, operations management, entrepreneurship, and decision sciences skills to manage a company. It will also build on personal strengths and abilities.

According to Devadoss, succession planning must be approached as an on-going process rather than as an item to check off on an annual agenda. Good succession planning and a robust leadership development strategy must contain many elements — especially corporate culture, strategic planning and leadership development. This needs to be seen as a critical component in its own right.

INSEAD’s Future CEO, Program Director, Paul Kewene-Hite said the programme gave participants an opportunity to experience running a business.

“Rather than a traditional course with multiple written case studies learnt and discussed in class lectures, Your First Hundred Days is one huge case study where participants parachute in as the management team of a newly acquired business, live the case and interact with it. This experience is one of INSEAD’s most immersive and innovative teaching methods, and by the end of the programme participants will be ready to do it for real.”

The BTI-INSEAD Future CEO Programme

The BTI-INSEAD Future CEO Course, comprising 20 different topics, is designed for 35 potential successors and upcoming leaders to CEO positions who are in their 30s to 50s.

The inaugural programme will be held from 7-11 November 2016 in Singapore, at INSEAD’s state-of-the-art Asia Campus, at a cost of SGD14,000.

Participants will learn to improve their ability to think on their feet, better manage crisis situations, as well as how to improve on their decision-making skills and execute better business strategies.

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