Bizlink to raise wages of employees with disabilities

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Bizlink to raise wages of employees with disabilities
Bizlink to raise wages of employees with disabilities

SINGAPORE: Charitable organisation Bizlink Centre is launching a pilot programme to increase the wages of disabled people it employs. The charity, which helps disadvantaged people find jobs, will top up the wages of 10 employees to S$450 per month for one year from April.

This amount is based on the government’s Public Assistance rate for a single person household, which is at S$450.

“A basic wage is necessary for the individual to maintain a level of dignity,” Bizlink chairman Sureash Balan said.

“However, it does not mean that one should have unrealistic notions and expect unrealistic amounts and live an extravagant lifestyle based on his or her limited productivity. One should be realistic and align his career and salary expectations to one’s ability.

“The sooner one realises this and be contended with their lives, the better.”

The initiative, which is expected to cost about S$50,000, is the centre’s response to a study it jointly conducted with the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The study found that its employees report a higher level of contentment compared to unemployed people with disabilities in seven areas.

The study found that those who are employed enjoy a higher standard of living, higher quality of personal relationships and community connectedness, and better safety.

Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin also launched a Work Therapy Programme at the event. This programme is an extension of Bizlink’s sheltered workshop and provides training in social and work skills for people with disabilities before placing them in employment.



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