Azmin proposes hefty pay cuts

December 2, 201411:34 am282 views

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor state assembly has revised the wages for key officials of the administration, including the mentri besar and state executive councillors.

Under the latest revision proposed by Mentri Besar Azmin Ali and approved by the House, there will be hefty cuts for the assembly Speaker and his deputy. Azmin said the salaries of the state assemblymen would remain.

Under a previous scheme introduced by his predecessor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the mentri besar’s salary was increased from RM14,175 to RM29,250; that of state executive councillors from RM6,109 to RM20,250; and of state assemblymen from RM6,000 to RM11,250.

The salaries for the Speaker was raised from RM6,109 to RM22,500 and the Deputy Speaker’s from RM3,327 to RM15,750.

Yesterday, the House approved further adjustments, which will see the mentri besar’s salary slashed to RM25,000.

The Speaker’s salary has been reduced to RM15,000 and and his deputy’s salary reduced to RM10,000. The state executive councillors will now receive RM15,000.

The new wages come into effect next month.

Azmin said the salaries of state assemblymen would not be adjusted as the amount they received justified the work they had to do as elected representatives.

He said the salary adjustments were made because some of the increments had seen a hike of more than 300% under Khalid’s salary scheme.


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