AXA Launches Global Parental Leave Policy from January 2017

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AXA Group is launching, as of January 1, 2017, a parenting policy to support employees in most of the 64 countries in which it operates. Whatever their family situation, all Group employees would receive a minimum of 16 weeks and 4 weeks fully paid maternity and paternity leave, respectively.

To encourage employees take advantage of this policy, AXA guarantees that employees who do so, can return to an equivalent role with the same salary and benefit structure. AXA in Asia will align this global policy to all employees at its wholly owned entities from January 2017, and it aims to expand parental policy guidelines across its unique partners’ network in the region.

“This global policy gives all AXA employees the same rights and opportunities when expanding their family. I am convinced that a good balance between professional and private life is absolutely necessary to the performance and professional fulfillment of our employees,” said Thomas Buberl, Group Chief Executive Officer of AXA.

The policy will be rolled out across AXA’s network in Asia and implemented according to local market legislation, taking into account social and cultural factors.

Legal Parental Leave – Examples

  Fully paid Maternity leave
in weeks: Legal Minimum
Fully Paid Paternity leave
in weeks: Legal Minimum
France 16* 2
UK 6* 2*
Germany 14 0
Spain 16 2
Belgium 15* 3 days
Switzerland 14* 0
Italy 20* 1 day
Poland 14 2
USA 0 0
Mexico 12 1
Columbia 14 1
Morroco 14 3 days
UAE 6 0
Japan  14* 0
India 12 0
Philippines 8 1
Hong Kong  10* 3 days*
Singapore 16 1
Indonesia 12 2 days

Shubhro Mitra, Regional Chief Human Resources Officer, AXA Asia, said: “Parenting is a rewarding experience and as a caring employer, we want to ensure that we provide our employees with the resources to support them on this journey.  This is uniquely important for Asia where family is considered the cornerstone of culture and tradition, and the reason we have committed to extending the global advantages through our partnership network and affiliates carrying the AXA brand.”

“The new parental policy is an attractive offering, supporting diversity and will positively impact more than 23,000 employees and our future workforce for the long term sustainability and success of AXA in Asia going forward,” Mitra added.

In Asia, AXA’s new parental policy of 16 weeks maternity and 4 weeks paternity leave generally exceeds the legal minimum. However, where local laws or current benefits go beyond these advantages, the greater benefit will continue to be applied.

In order to help its employees, balance the demand of their professional and private lives, AXA would offer flexible working options to each parent, as well as dedicated HR and management support before, during and after the period of parental leave.


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