Aviation Sector in India Sees Decline in Jobs

March 29, 20199:17 am315 views

In light of the recent developments in the civil aviation sector, job postings have seen a sharp decline. However, with regulatory intervention, the sector is likely to see a revival in terms of job opportunities soon.

Quote by Mr. Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India:

“The past two years (Jan 2017 to Dec 2018) have seen job postings for flight attendants drop by 88 percent. With the aviation industry currently stretched for resources as well as skilled talent, disruptions in flight schedules have become the order of the day. Given the circumstances, it comes as no surprise that jobs in the sector have seen a drop, even as searches by job seekers for these roles remain largely stable. However, as financial institutions plan to support the sector during this period, we can hope for recovery in the months ahead.”

In the last five years (Jan 2014 to Dec 2018), job postings for flight attendant roles saw an overall drop of 80 percent, with the decline being the steepest in 2017-2018. In terms of job searches, the last five years saw an overall increase of 41 percent, with a steep rise in 2014-2015, that tabled in 2016-2018.

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