Looking for New Job? Amazon to Hire 55,000 Corporate and Tech Roles Globally

September 3, 202110:48 am1390 views

US-based retail giant Amazon is announcing its aggressive hiring plan recently. In a press interview with Reuters, Chief Executive Andy Jassy revealed the company’s plan to recruit about 55,000 people for corporate and tech roles globally in the coming months.

He said the company needed more firepower to keep up with demand in retail, the cloud and advertising, among other businesses. The new hires would represent a 20% increase in Amazon’s tech and corporate staff, who currently number around 275,000 globally.

Of the more than 55,000 jobs Jassy announced, over 40,000 will be in the United States, while others will be in countries such as India, Germany and Japan. Among the positions Amazon offers is engineering, research science and robotics roles, postings that are largely new to the company rather than jobs others quit, it said.

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Amazon is also holding an annual job fair that is scheduled to begin September 15. Jassy hoped now is is a good time for recruiting because the pandemic has displaced or altered many jobs, so many people are thinking about different and new jobs. “It’s part of what we think makes ‘Career Day’ so timely and so useful,” he said.

The career fair will be global. That’s after Amazon saw 22,000 people tune in last year from India, among other locales outside the United States, Jassy said.

Touching on the wage issue, Jassy said Amazon has been “very competitive on the compensation side.” He said, “We’ve led the way in the $15 minimum wage,” and for some states on average that “really, the starting salary is $17 an hour.”

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