Almost 100 career guidance counsellors deployed to schools by end-2017

April 11, 201610:23 am382 views

The Education Ministry (MOE) is on track with its plan to deploy close to 100 Education and Career Guidance Counsellors by the end of 2017.

Speaking at the Committee of Supply debates in Parliament on Friday (Apr 8), Parliamentary Secretary Low Yen Ling said these counsellors are there to help students better understand their interests and strengths, so they can make informed choices on both their education and career.

MOE has also increased the number of sector coordinators to 27, up from 17 previously, Ms Low said. These coordinators help to drive industry engagement and the implementation of SkillsFuture initiatives.

New sectors that have been added include air transport, environment management and precision engineering.

“Our ECG Counsellors are well-trained and supported by a robust knowledge management system with up-to-date data from authoritative sources,” said Parliamentary Secretary Low Yen Ling. “The Counsellors also conduct regular industry visits, and are in direct contact with industry sectors.”

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