65,000 jobs available at three-day Career and Education fair

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65,000 jobs available at three-day Career and Education fair
65,000 jobs available at three-day Career and Education fair

SINGAPORE: About 65,000 jobs are available at a three-day Career and Education fair held at Suntec City. The event, which was opened on Thursday (Mar 12) by Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Sam Tan, has a special focus on finding the right fit for job seekers and identifying career paths for school leavers.

Career coaches are on hand to offer guidance and even profiling services to better match a person to a job suited to his interest, strengths and personality. Visitors can also get coaching on how to navigate the national jobs bank.

Speaking to reporters, Mr Tan stressed the importance of continuous skills upgrading even for fresh graduates so that they remain relevant in the job market, as they progress in their careers.

“For fresh graduates, it is always a challenge to find the ideal job to match their expectations,” Mr Tan said. However, he added that the important thing for the graduates to do is to “continue to identify the rising industries” as well as to be prepared, by attending relevant skills training.

Mr Tan said this is for the graduates to acquire new skills and meet the needs of the emerging markets and new technology. “Then, I think the career prospects even for the fresh graduates will also be quite bright. So, that is why the Government is investing a lot of energy, resources and money on SkillsFuture.”

He added: “Through SkillsFuture programmes, we hope to be able to create multiple pathways where our students, regardless of their training, background and aptitudes, will be able to find somewhere, somehow, some career path that can fit into their expectations, that they can actually grow and prosper.”


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