5 Time-Saving Productivity Tools for HR Professionals

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One of the positives of being a HR manager is working with different kinds of people. While you can learn a lot from them, at the same time you can teach them a lot as well. If you are a good HR professional, employees will love you for your work, it will not drain you off energies, and in no time, you will earn respect within the company. That sounds like a dream job, isn’t it?

Well, as times change, this is no longer an elusive dream. Every HR manager requires dealing with problems in these changing times, to be calm and act right, according to the situational demands.

Luckily, there are many great online tools available that can come handy, help you and other HR managers deal with these day-to-day issues and cope with times when you feel lost. These tools can further increase your productivity and, also keep employees happy and satisfied at work.

However the objective is not only about, how to fix the problems at work, but it’s also about how to prevent them in the first place. That is why you can rely on these five HR tools, which can help you to be more productive and manage employees better as well.


This is an online tool that helps you create interesting and not-so-common training programs. With Mindflash you can import and create online trainings from any content, including PowerPoint or PDF.

Anything can be easily transferred into a training module, thus saving time. Also, the tool lets you manage training programs, from individuals to groups, anytime, from any device. Not to forget, the tool also provides high level of employees tracking, with detailed performance insights.

PDF to Powerpoint

One must-have tool for every HR Manager is PDF to PowerPoint converter. Why? Because it is a perfect solution to prepare those long PowerPoint presentations. It can save you hours, not dealing with boring manual PDF to PowerPoint document retyping.

Since it has integrated Optical Character Recognition engine, the tool can easily convert both native and scanned PDF documents. Also, it converts files with 100% accuracy and no limitations whatsoever. This tool is a perfect help for all HR pros who are required to dabble with management of day-to-day activities on priority and alongside struggle with making daily presentation reports as well.


Officevibe provides a quick way to measure employee satisfaction in real-time and also offers you tips to create a better workplace. It collects information each week by sending employees different eye catchy and dynamic surveys.

By doing so, this tool encourages employee interaction and creates pleasant office atmosphere among co-workers. Also, Officevibe provides you with detailed reports from which you can learn and develop your next steps.


Simple but an efficient tool made to increase productivity in the best possible way. It’s not yet another tracking tool that you will try and forget about. This tool is a real treat for every HR professional since it’s embedded with features such as real-time automatic tracking that you would simply fall in love with.

This tool is user-friendly as it categorises performance in three ways – productive, unproductive and neutral. For HR professionals, this tool can unveil and help track the real progress of how much, each of your employees’ are productive every single day. This is one must-have tool for HRs from any sort of business.


You have probably heard of Trello. When it comes to time-saving apps, Trello cannot be left out from the list. The tool pushes you to be more collaborative and helps you get more things done. It provides you with boards, lists, cards and enables you to organise your plans in an easy and meaningful manner. Simply put, Trello helps you and your team stay focused on the right track.

And not to forget, no matter where you are, Trello can be synchronised across all of your devices so that you can collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

Being an HR is not easy, but for sure is rewarding. If you love your job, and your work reflects your love and passion for the job role, then your people will love you as well. And with tools such as these, you can be even more efficient and productive every day, thus saving time, costs and energy to focus on employee engagement activities that will create a happier workplace with a productive workforce.


Author: Veronica Johnson is a community manager for Investintech.com, the developer of PDF technology solutions. She often writes about tech news, useful online tools, productivity tips and current software trends. 

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