20 GOCCs to be abolished this year

March 5, 201412:17 pm754 views
20 GOCCs to be abolished this year
20 GOCCs to be abolished this year

MANILA — The Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) on Tuesday said 20 more government-owned and -controlled corporations will be abolished this year.

This is apart from the 11 GOCCs earlier abolished, including 3 allegedly involved in the pork barrel scam.

GCG spokesman Paolo Salvosa said they are currently monitoring 100 GOCCs.

“Ang pangmatagalang target ay mga 50 to 70 na lang ang matitira, at ngayong taon ang target ay mas mababa sa 100. At every year may matatanggal,” he said.

He said most GOCCs are useless, or have functions similar to that of other government agencies.

Thousands are expected to be affected, Salvosa said, but some 200 employees are set to receive separation packages during the first batch of abolition.

Meanwhile, Civil Service Commission chairman Francisco Duque said affected employees may be absorbed by mother agencies.

Dapat tingnan din nila ang mga bakanteng posisyon sa mga mother agencies and attached offices. Kung may bakante, pwede sila maabsorb,” he said.

One of those recently abolished was the Philippine Agricultural Development and Commercial Corporation (PADCC) Office, where only six employees will be re-employed.

The GCG, clarified, however, that some GOCCs will be merged, or offered to the private sector, to retain workers.

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