2 jobs at once won’t solve economic woes, says Shahrir

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2 jobs at once won’t solve economic woes, says Shahrir
2 jobs at once won’t solve economic woes, says Shahrir

Umno lawmaker Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad today dismissed a suggestion by a deputy minister that low income wage earners should take up an additional job to reduce their financial burdens.

“That is definitely not the answer to resolve their predicaments as the move would have grave repercussions on their family’s welfare as more time and expenditure need to be sacrificed,” said the Johor Baru MP.

Speaking at a contribution of school items and pocket money programme to 600 schoolchildren from around his constituency, Shahrir, also the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC) chairman, said instead of holding two jobs, it was better to operate a petty business at home.

The programme today, known as “Kembali ke Sekolah (Back to School) 2016”, was jointly organised by the Johor Baru MP Office and Mara Education Foundation.

Also present were Tanjung Puteri state assemblyman Datuk Adam Sumiru and state Mara officials.

Shahrir also said breadwinners needed time with their families, and the situation would worsen if both parents opted to work extra hours.

“Furthermore, besides not interacting much with family members, you need to fork out expenses to cover transport charges and meals which is not worth at all,” he said.

He said the government had introduced various work-at-home programmes including the “1Azam” programme, which was beneficial for the household.

Nevertheless, Shahrir said he was concerned about the disparity of income between rich and poor families.

“To address this critical situation, the government has taken steps including contributing subsidies to those in need and the BR1M cash aid,” Shahrir said.

On another matter, Shahrir said he supported Umno’s move to cooperate with PAS as it would enhance solidarity and create a positive environment between them.

He said the proposed cooperation did not mean unification but a platform to foster a healthier political environment.

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