Age Diversity: How Different Age Group Brings Company to Success

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Nowadays, more and more business leaders realise the importance of embracing diversity in workplace, including in terms of age and generational heterogeneity. One of successful companies that already applied this method is C.B.M Computer Company which was built in 1980. After its success, the company created a brand new startup called Heal Aspect. The new startup deals with health applications for mobile phones. While Heal Aspect is typically a startup that consists of young talents ranging from 22 to 30 years old, C.B.M has a team of 30 to 70 age range. However, C.B.M successfully merged these two companies and created new corporate culture because they embraced age diversity in their workplace.

Age diversity will not only give you more talented people from different age group to collaborate with, but it also boosts creativity among employees. By having different age group in your company, there will be more fascinating ideas as you can merge two ideas from different generations. For example, experienced worker can give ideas based on his previous experiences, while younger worker can contribute ideas based on different points of view. Also, there will be more solutions for company’s problems as you can see from different perspective.

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A research conducted by Rocio Lorenzo and team found similar findings that the more diverse a company is, it simply becomes more innovative. Surveying 1.700 companies across the globe, the study revealed that companies with below-average diversity only contribute 26 percent innovation for their company. On the other hand, above-average diversity companies can produce 45 percent more innovation revenue. These companies also find unconventional solutions to problem and generate more and better ideas, with a greater likelihood that some of them will become winning products and service in the market.

The advantages of having age diverse teamwork do not stop here. Here are some others:

01   Keeping good tradition

With different age groups in the team, you can keep good tradition in the workforce. Given that young generations today are more skilled with technology, they might forget conventional communication etiquette such as how to face manager or client during a meeting, or how to compile a formal a written letter for business partners. Therefore, by having the older generation in the workforce, they can educate younger ones about these matters.

02   Creating diverse set of skills

Having team members consisting of diverse ages can bring more diverse skills to the table. For example, younger employees will be good with social networking or online marketing as well as online product demonstrations and webcasting; while the senior ones have exceptional interpersonal skills and can perform better when in-person traditional meeting is conducted.

03   Mentoring one another

Age diversity in the workplace can bridge the growing digital gap as well as employees can learn from one another. Multi-generational team will bring more value to the company as older employees with longer working experiences can mentor new hires and share their knowledge. Meanwhile, the younger generation of hires can teach how to use new technology to the mature ones as they are more familiar with digital know-how.

04   Building excellent company culture

By ensuring that there is no discrimination in the age diverse workplace, you can create a great company culture that will boost employee productivity as well as their wellbeing in workplace. Training and education for employees should be regularly conducted to eliminate any practices of discrimination and seniority at work. Moreover, while the older generation might have their own professional experiences in terms of decision making, younger employees can create more cheerful and are more open towards any kind of changes in the organisation. They can work together to create positive working environment in the office space.

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