Skillsoft Launches Leadership Learning Series

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Skillsoft Launches Leadership Learning Series
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Skillsoft announced Aspire Journeys for Leadership Development, an integrated curriculum and resources designed to make it simple for organisations to equip leaders with digital leadership skills and competencies needed to thrive professionally in today’s fast-changing, agile business environment. The new Aspire Journeys are a part of the Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (SLDP) powered by MIT Sloan Management Review, designed to help learners be successful at critical stages in their leadership journey.

As the digital economy transforms the way we work, organisations are flattening, and individuals are taking on new responsibilities at ever level. Many in these new roles find themselves unprepared to lead i this rapidly changing digital world, as it requires a new set of skill and a growth mindset to be truly effective. According to the Brando Hall Group, only about two in five organisations are developing leaders in a way that benefits the business. Meanwhile, The Conference Board’s C-Suite Challenge 2019: The Future-Ready Organisation report found that organisations with the strongest digital leadership capabilities outperform those with the weakest capabilities by 50 percent. At a time when leadership is fundamentally changing, Skillsoft Aspire Journeys deliver curated learning paths focused on the leadership capabilities needed in key transition moments that are critical to the success of both the organisation and individual’s career path.

“As organisations continue to scale digital transformation initiatives, they require new digital capabilities and increased agility. Success depends on a culture that embraces transformation as a core tenet, and leadership transformation must go hand in hand with technology transformation,” said Amy Loomis, research director, Future of Work, IDC. “Skillsoft Aspire Journeys for Leadership Development delivers guidance leaders need to address current challenges and evolve their skills to lead agile organisations of the future.”

Aspire Journeys for Leadership Development will include an initial nine Journeys within three focus areas:

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  •    Skillsoft Aspire: Leadership Development Core

This core journey features the ten key modern competencies that all leaders need to be successful today. These key areas include Developing the People you Lead, Leading by Coaching, Team Leadership, Agility in Leadership, and Problem Solving and Decision Making. The ten leadership competencies represent an evidence-based selection of the critical competencies all individuals should seek to master for meaningful improvement in management and leadership capability. (Available Now)

  •    Skillsoft Aspire: Leaders in Transition

Leadership transitions are critical, and potentially costly, moments for individuals and organisations. These journeys provide leaders with the exact content that both they, and their organisations, need them to master to ensure success when transitioning from one level of leadership to another, such as becoming a First Time manager, becoming a Mid-Level leader, or becoming a Leader of Leaders. (Available Winter 2020)

  •    Skillsoft Aspire: Digital Mindsets

Featuring Journeys focused on developing behavioural and technical competencies leaders need to propel an organisation’s cultural shift towards becoming a modern, digital organisation. Each of these Journeys will weave together select content from SLDP and Digital Transformation collections. Example Journeys include: Rapid Adaptivity Mindset Journey, Data-Driven Mindset Journey, Digital Visionary Mindset Journey, Innovation Mindset Journey, Agility Mindset Journey. (Available Winter 2020_)

“Today’s business environment is changing at an accelerated rate and has been more unpredictable. Navigating this requires developing effective, high-potential leaders who can forge through crisis and have the capabilities needed in key transition moments,” said Mark Onisk, chief content officer, Skillsoft. “These new Aspire Journeys are built upon scenario-based video courses that are scientifically shown to improve engagement and recall, which are instrumental to making an immediate, tangible impact on both an individual’s career path and the overall organisation.”

Each Journey’s learning path will consist of scenario-based video courses supported by knowledge checks and a final test for which learners can earn a digital badge. The courses feature articles from MIT Sloan Management Review carefully curated to support the learning paths as well as Leadership Insight videos highlighting world-class, globally diverse thought-leaders and faculty from top ranked business schools, including a significant number of experts ranked by Thinkers50. To ensure course learnings are actionable, Skillsoft Aspire Journeys offer application opportunities that help learners immediately use the concepts in their work environment.

To learn more about Skillsoft’s Aspire Journeys for Leadership Development, visit

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