Topic on Women: Eliminating the Network Gap

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Topic on Women: Eliminating the Network Gap
Topic on Women: Eliminating the Network Gap

Gender pay gap is one among critical gender equality issues that has stayed since women are entering the workforce. But the truth is, there is another gap that is less discussed: the network gap. 

Based on a survey titled Do Informal Referrals Lead to Better Matches?, someone who has a strong network would be more likely to get hired, while those who have less network have less access to job opportunities. The problem is, women are less likely to have a strong network that leads them to have less access to professional life. 

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Related study by LinkedIn revealed that Singapore is at the top rate where women (38 percent) have less network compared to their male counterparts. Following Singapore are Ireland (37 percent), Netherlands (35 percent), Australia (30 percent), the United States (28 percent), and the United Kingdom (27 percent). 

Closing the gap  

LinkedIn survey cited that in response to the existing network gap, women have actively adopted some ways to address the gap. The finding showed that 32 percent of women are more likely than men to take courses related to networking on LinkedIn. Another practice that can be done to close the network gap is taking Plus One pledge. 

Plus One Pledge is a movement where one person intentionally shares their time, talent, and connections with someone outside their network. This pledge can be done not only by women across the globe but also by men and recruiters, business leaders, and other executives to give equal opportunity for both men and women. 

Here is how individuals could participate in Plus One Pledge: 

  • +1 to mentorship – Spare some time to mentor people outside of your network who might not have access to valuable guidance or online learning, such as those in rural areas. 
  • +1 to hiring – Regardless of industry and profession, employers must build hiring practices that bring in diverse people, not only from their race and ethnicity but also educational and level background, such as those who do not have four-year degrees or those who are in a lower rank to join a higher level within industry. 
  • +1 to leadership – Within a company, implement mentorship and coaching programs as a part of company culture to ensure it reaches those with networks at the expense. 

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