How to Create HR Process Posters to Understand the Workflow?

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What is the most important driving force for a smooth business operation? Among other elements, business leaders will agree that communication holds the central key to maintain healthy workplace culture and smooth flow of operations. Many conflicts do arise in the workplace because of poor communication between an employer or senior managers and an employee, or among co-workers, communication gaps do exist.

Everyone has a different ability to interpret and learn something new. In the workplace, delivering unclear information might lead to misinterpretation that will cause damaging effect in the long run. For example, when you are unable to clearly articulate the company’s guidelines to new hires’ during onboarding program, they might get a wrong idea. Since first impression matters, it will be too late for them to unlearn the information as they have been accustomed to it.

Then the question remains, what should HR leaders do to communicate better with the employees?

First thing first, do you know that 65 percent people are visual learners? As the term suggests, visual learners are those who learn better and faster from what they see through their eyes. Unlike the verbal learners (who comprise 30 percent of the total population), visual learners tend to have difficulty in following oral lectures. Given this research finding, creating HR process posters will be a great alternative to keep your team on track.

Both for old and new hires, HR process posters will be helpful to understand the workflow. It will be a good reminder for your established employee to keep on track, while guiding your new ones to adjust themselves better. Rather than a thick book full of long sentences, posters are surely easier to read and understand.

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Not only interesting to look at, simple posters with necessary illustration will help your employees to implement the information faster. What makes it even better is posters are not difficult to make. Here are several useful tips for you to create HR process flow posters:

  1.    Describe the audience

Before assigning your graphic designer with the task of creating HR process posters, you should describe who the audiences are. Is it made only for new hires? Is it directed for established employees as well? Or both of them? By sketching out the target audience, you can come up with better content and design.

  1.    Provide key information

What do you want to communicate in the posters? What do you want your employees to learn after reading the poster? You should bear in mind that in order to work, you should keep the posters as simple and minimalist as possible. Therefore, provide only key information along with necessary inputs on it. If possible, you can turn these info into graphs, icons, or even illustrated panels.

  1.    Customise the design

This might be the most important thing. You need to unleash your creativity to make an interesting poster. People are easily attracted to colourful posters, and you should make ones, too.

Customise the design by picking the right template, make the title stand out, and use thematic colour-scheme. It is important to use particular fonts that can be read from far away, so you can reach out to wider audiences.

Creating HR process posters might require some of your time to plan and design the blueprint concept. However, it will be worth time invested as it can be a great tool for your employees to grasp better understanding about their workflow.

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