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WorkforceGrowth is a cloud-based tool for conducting and analyzing employee performance reviews, as well as for giving and receiving feedback on tasks and projects. WorkforceGrowth can be useful for businesses that are training employees to do specialized or difficult jobs.

An online dashboard allows employers to build and manage custom employee reviews and evaluations, including categories like strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Think of WorkforceGrowth as a productivity-based social network for your business. Users dole out public kudos, or discuss company initiatives online via their WorkforceGrowth profiles.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are one of the most important aspects of an organization. They are the best way to provide feedback to the employees and for the employees to know how well they are performing their assigned tasks and duties. WorkforceGrowth provides an easy performance review management system that helps you understand your employees better and determine their training needs.

Review Insights

Upon completion of reviews, a detailed report is generated that is viewable according to your role. It gives you a summary of completed review with detailed breakdowns. The report also shows you Pros, Cons and General comments without peer identities.

Collaborative Goals

Super easy to collaborate and foster a discussion between managers and their teams to work together in order to achieve their goals. Simple but powerful user interface gives you a better insight into your goals’ progress.

Real-Time Feedback

Employees can ask or give feedback directly or anonymously from or to anyone at any time. In addition, they can also directly ask for feedback on specific topics or tasks from their managers or team members. Feedback can be positive, neutral or a suggestion.

Company Survey Tool

Assign a title to the survey along with a small description to the survey you want to conduct. Select one or more department to send your survey to all employees of that department. You can also select all departments in the organization to conduct an overall survey or you can add selective departments.
Price: WorkforceGrowth costs $5 per employee, per month.

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