Why You Shouldn’t Ignore HR Technology

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore HR Technology

Change is constant, and change is good especially in the modern age of technology. The human resource industry is likewise experiencing the changes in technology that are currently shaping the way they conduct their business – and always for the better. However not all organizations or businesses are adept with these rapid changes thus making recruitment of top talents using digital platforms a constant struggle; worse, they are faced to take on the left overs in the job marketplace. Seeing the possible recurrence of this condition therefore, it would require human resource management to face the challenges and quit ignoring the technological advancements.

Technology-driven HR management

The use of various software in HR management warranties efficiency in data mining and control for recruitment, benefit plans, compensation, performance appraisals, training and development and more. The employee information is stored in a system that holds the data and enables HR personnel to access for quick update; keeping the data current on the system makes up for efficient and error-free work. Businesses adopting this technology initiatives results in better human resource management, better employee service and more productive organization.

Recruitment success through social media

What used to be a platform exclusive for social media sharing of latest personal happenings soon became a platform for brands to sell their products, for celebrities to engage with their fans and what have you. Because of the successful effect of social media to people, the HR industry is likewise finding success in employing the same in their recruitment process by being where their prospective talents are. The use of social media also helps in raising awareness of their employer brand as well as opens the door for prospects to introduce themselves to be considered for talent pooling.

Remote employee training

Employee training carries one of the most costs in human resource management. Thanks to the technology of video sharing, live streaming and webinars remote employee training can now be conducted online. Costly transportation and accommodation of an employee that needed to undergo training can now access training presentation videos or documents online. Likewise, commissioning HR training consultants that are geographically situated outside of the area of business is now also possible. With this type of technological advancements, engagement during training is high as there is less pressure and stress on time and mobilization.


Another milestone in human resource management that technology helped shape is outsourcing. Although local outsourcing and employment of remote workforce have already been a practice, it is the outsourcing of remote workers situated miles away or from another region is what sets the record in technological advancement in the HR industry. In fact, outsourcing has been so successful in the past decade that even big name companies are embracing this business process as its benefits help companies meet their goals faster and safer.


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