What is Greenhouse HR Onboarding?

September 10, 201912:43 pm2089 views

Onboarding is a comprehensive process that involves helping new hires understand their role and their place in an organisation. The problem is, some HR practitioners often confuse it with orientation program that is only about the nuts and bolts of getting a new hire ready for their job. Onboarding is much more than orientation, said Daniel Chait to GlobeNewswire. It is an opportunity to integrate new hires into the team and culture, hence, building alignment between new hires and company’s mission as well as showing support that helps them succeed in the long tenure.

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An increasing number of companies are beginning to understand the importance of having a proper onboarding program. In fact, most companies are handing pre-onboarding process after new hires have a signed offer in hand, as written in research. More than half (66 percent) companies with onboarding programs claimed a higher rate of successful assimilation into the company culture. Having an onboarding program within an organisation also impacts in higher time-to-productivity ratios by 62 percent. Meanwhile, more than half of executives cited that they have higher employee engagement when onboarding is applicable in their organisation.

Owing to the importance of onboarding program, there is a new seamless yet handful application that can ease HR job on onboarding programs, namely greenhouse HR onboarding. First introduced by Job Stross, the president and co-founder of Greenhouse, greenhouse onboarding is a new solution for companies to deliver meaningful onboarding from a time-consuming, transactional and impersonal process into a positive and engaging experience.

At the same time, greenhouse onboarding software can automatically craft a personalised and up-to-date pre-boarding experience for every new hire, helping them prepare for the first day at work without worrying about paper tasks of traditional onboarding. The software can also manage all of the onboarding and offboarding tasks and communication across departments, ensuring everything falls into the right place. Moreover, it can help the work of HR onboarding program to collect new hire data and forms in one place, enabling a data-centric onboarding program.

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