The Most Eagerly Awaited HR Technology Solutions in 2015

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Technology is growing rapidly, since its built to solve problems. Future technical developments are opening up a myriad possible solutions for HR specialists.

New research from The Starr Conspirancy Intelligence Unit reveals what HR professionals find most important when considering investing in new technology solutions.


According to its research, 57 percent of 210 companies intend to purchase some sort of HR technology solution in the next 12 months. Their top objectives are:

  1. Performance management
  2. Employee engagement measurement
  3. Learning
  4. Leadership development
  5. HR analytics

Apart from 43% of those not planning to buy HR technology, the surprising fact is a lack of recruiting solutions in the HR Technologies list above. The world is facing recession, so most companies now prefer not to hire staff.

Different size firms also have different priorities in how they regard HR technology solutions. For large companies, learning, compensation, workforce planning and HR analytics are at the top of the list.

Mid-sized firms focus on wellness, Core HR/HRIS, leadership development and HR analytics. For small companies, employee engagement ranks high, along with onboarding, workforce planning and Core HR/HRIS.

Smaller companies are seemingly the early-adopters of, compared to larger companies. Larger companies are still using a lot of legacy software that may be a decade or older.

The cloud-based solutions are already adopted by many agile smaller companies. Thus, smaller companies are now focus on other areas, like employee engagement.

The survey reveals that data-driven decision-making is tops with high-level leaders, as they focus most on measurement of employee engagement and HR analytics.

On the other hand, directors and managers focusing on learning solutions are more interested in developing their current employees to help them better achieve strategic business goals.

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