Singapore’s OCBC Bank is the First to Launch Comprehensive HR Mobile App to Meet Employee Needs

June 6, 20178:43 am1440 views

OCBC Bank is the first bank in Singapore to launch a comprehensive human resource mobile application (app) to meet the needs of its employees. The app called “HR in your Pocket” includes an artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot that is integrated with the Bank’s HR information system, says the release from the Bank.

The “HR in Your Pocket” app is set to benefit OCBC Bank employees in Singapore by allowing them access to holistic HR resource centre for tracking of medical and lifestyle expense reimbursement claims, leave applications, internal job postings and OCBC bank’s people directory.

Employees can also use the app’s in-built chatbot, “Buddy” for HR related questions and get an immediate response, Finnews.Asia reports. The Buddy is fully integrated with the Bank’s HR system, wherein questions can be individualized.

The employee can further enquire if they have met mandatory leave requirements or the status of an expense claim through this app.

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Lee King Lan, Vice President, Global Corporate Banking at OCBC Bank said, “People are on the move and using their Smartphone much more than before, so this app is very useful as I can get instant and accurate responses from the HR chatbot, wherever I am and at any time of the day.”

The “HR in Your Pocket” chatbot was developed in-house with feedback from employees, expressing the need to access HR information and perform HR-related matters anywhere, anytime on the go. The chatbot provides accurate and personalized answers without having the need for employees to contact the HR manager personally, right at their desks.

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