Rising HR Tech Companies to Look Out for in 2017

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The dawn of new digital era is here. Only companies with stand-out innovations will succeed in the tough business competition. Advancements in technology call for every aspect of the business to set pace with updated new systems, including HR management. From recruitment, automation, to coaching, HR tech has proven to support significant improvements in creating better HR outcomes, without overlooking the novelty of human touch.

Recent increase in global capitalisation and investment have necessitated the need for business leaders and HR to be engaged in the continuous search for innovative HR softwares to manage, automate and backup work.

Also with emerging start-ups promising new change in the industry, business owners are required to look out the best HR tech companies, to trust their human capital management activities. Here we list some of the rising HR tech companies growing at an accelerated pace and prepped to make most of the momentum in 2017:

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Awarded as the winner of The Next Great HR Tech Company in 2016 by Human Resource Executive, Lifeworks offers wellbeing and engagement services for global audience. With more than 15 million daily end users and 49,000 companies as their customers, Lifeworks owns great potential as one of the best HR tech companies to shine in 2017.

Supported by comprehensive, innovative, and human-centred software, the company aims to bridge the employee-employer disconnect with convenience. Four services available include EAP and wellness programs to assist the employee, work wellness for social recognition and private network, financial wellness such as online shopping, and also enterprise analytics to support employee performance assessment.


Claiming to be the next generation talent acquisition leader, Rolepoint is among the three largest HR tech companies globally with over 1.5 million users. Mainly working on employee referrals, internal mobility, and optimized applications, the company’s products have reached global customers in 68 countries.

Cooperating with the world’s most innovative staffs, Rolepoint keeps elbowing its way through cutting-edge data science application, match algorithms, and technology engagement to acquire the best talents. The ATS/CRM middleware created by Rolepoint is a revolutionary software that integrates HR and talent acquisition applications.


As a talent engagement company, Qwalify reinvents new recruitment process by supporting companies uncover their next excellent employee from the talent pools. Prioritising conversations between the employer and employee, Qwalify offers Talent Dojo. It is an engagement-based recruitment platform that encourages talent to improve and discover themselves in the community.


If you need some HR tech for internal investigations, then Investipro can be an option. Investipro offers fully-automated workplace investigation solution to help you discover the truths behind inappropriate behaviour that may take place in your company. User-friendly interface implemented by the company will be of great help for your HR department.


As the name suggests, Highground promises high-ground engagement platform for everyone in your company, including the manager, employees, and leaders. Using cloud-based solutions, Highground offers Modern Performance Engagement for ongoing coaching sessions, Real-Time Recognition and Rewards for employee contribution, as well as Employee Pulse and Benchmarking Surveys to help pinpoint arising problems.


Offering an integrated software to connect the recruiter, talents, and company career sites, Clinch promises a new recruitment practice you can find nowhere else. Various features provided by the company include landing pages, careers site, social promotions, job distribution, email marketing, analytics, CRM, company branding, as well as talent network.


Clickboarding focuses on developing an easy-to-use onboarding platform that allows HR professionals to greet their new hires in the most contented way. Onboarding solution helps both – the new hires and the HR to streamline the transition process and create an enjoyable experience.

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